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Electronic Services

Total Access Security is the Southern California's premier locksmith/security company. We specialize in electronic access control and system integration. These include card readers, keypads, cameras, intercoms, and alarm systems which can be integrated as one seamless system. This makes maintaining and upgrades an easy operation. We are available to help make your security the utmost.

Access Control that has everything you need to minimize risk.

Small and medium-sized organizations can benefit from access control just as much as large enterprises. Our Access Control Starter Kits make it easy to get started while our Expansion Kits enable your access control system to grow as you do.

And that's important because with access control from Total Access Security, you'll be able to:

  • Save money by avoiding the need to re-key your entire facility every time an employee or tenant leaves
  • Improve your bottom line with better employee performance and punctuality by tracking time and attendance
  • Reduce workplace hazards by keeping unauthorized personnel out of high risk areas

Choosing an access control system doesn't have to require hours spent piecing together an assortment of software and hardware devices. Total Access Security's Access Control Kits put it all together for you so that you can get your access control system up and running in no time.

Level I

KT-400 is a powerful Ethernet-ready controller for companies seeking the enhanced security provided by encrypted communication. For large corporations with smaller facilities around the globe KT-400 works with the scalable EntraPass system and other Kantech controllers to provide a scalable solution. For example, a small company using existing KT controllers to secure a small number of doors can now turn to the KT-400 to protect their larger corporate headquarters. With the same infrastructure used across the entire KT controller line, this ensures that the company is using standard security policies and procedures. 

Onboard 128-bit AES encryption ensures a high degree of network security. 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption can be used to protect electronic data.  KT-400 is one of the first security controllers on the market to offer such a high level of protection.

Onboard Ethernet port ensures quick network connectivity and eliminates the need for an external Ethernet device.  Customers will save valuable time and money with the onboard Ethernet port.  There is no longer a need for purchasing an external IP device to connect to the network since IP connectivity is embedded in KT-400.  

Four-Door Ethernet-Ready Controller 

     Level II

    In today’s world, the same person frequently manages IT, physical security, and networking. That’s because the technologies of encryption, bandwidth, network integrity, firewall access and physical security have converged into a new and powerful networked environment.

    Security managers today must understand network edge topology, zero footprint software, high speed networking, and the integration of databases, video and other related subsystems.


    The complexities of today’s security environments also create special opportunities for a product such as eMerge, with it's native IP hardware technology. eMerge simplifies your IT security environment rather than complicating it.


    Because eMerge does not require you to install any software or pull new wiring to any computer – you simply connect components to your data network and eMerge will recognize them – it has a zero footprint and provides control of a complete physical security environment through a web

    browser that is already on your PC.


    eMerge changes the age-old equation of inflexible low-end security systems or over-featured, expensive high-end systems. Designed from the ground up to be a cost-effective complete solution, eMerge is a complete, scalable security

    management system compact enough to fit in a panel-sized box, yet powerful enough to integrate your access control, alarm monitoring and video in one system.

     Innovative Architecture 

    Level III

    The Secured Series Max 3 access system hardware with Hub Manager Professional software is "access simplified". The Max 3 is powerful and easy to install and program for small to midsized applications.

    The Max 3 system provides a secure and trusted access control system that uses proven hardware architecture that is based upon the Secured Series HubMax II system. System management from a PC can be either over a LAN/WAN connection or through a RS-485 serial connection. All individual door access decisions and transaction events are stored at the Max 3 Module. The Max 3 Module is programmed via LAN, WAN, RS-485, MODEM or IR using the Hub Manager Professional Software.

    The Max 3 system is available in two cabinet configurations - Max 3 and MiniMax 3. System expansion is made simple with the modular design of the two available configurations. Up to 64 door modules can be networked together per site with virtually unlimited sites.

     Access Simplified


     Stand Alone Locks

    Tired of re-keying locks – or setting new passwords – every time an employee leaves? Wish you didn’t have to wander around manually locking doors throughout your building at closing time? Then it’s time to add dependable wireless access control from Total Access Security.

    We live and work in a complex environment with a mix of residents, tenants, private and public spaces – you need a system that is flexible, adaptable and easy to use and maintain. Total Access Security carries a full line of stand alone locks that has benefits for residents, tenants, facility managers and owners alike.

     Stands By Itself

    Security Cameras & DVRs

     Level I

    SVR8000SYS/T16 – $4,404.00


    16 Channel SVR8000 DVR

    Max 4 CIF Recording

    Includes 16 Camera’s BC6035H

    1000ft Box Siamese

    BNC 32 pieces - Crimp On

    Pig Tails 32 Piece’s

    Power Box (18/10Amp)

    500GB HDD


    Level II

    SVR9000SYS/T8 – $1,866.00


    8 Channel SVR9000 DVR

    Max CIF Recording

    Includes 8 Camera’s BC6035H

    BNC 16 pieces – Crimp On

    Power Box (18/5Amp)

    500ft box of cable (Siamese)

    500GB HDD


    Level III

    SVR9000SYS/T4 – $950.00


    4 Channel SVR9000 DVR

    Max 4CIF

    Includes 4 Camera’s BC6035H

    4 Pieces 60ft Plug-n-Play pwr/video cable

    Power Supplies (500Ma) 4 Pieces

    250GB HDD


    Our product line ranges from simple audio units to sophisticated video entry security systems. With the diverse systems and special order capabilities, we have the ability to create a system for just for you.


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